SQRDUP is great for creating a Repetitive Putting Stroke.

Last time you played how many putts did you have? 30? 35? 40?  What about 3 putts, 4 putts?  Think about what your score would have been with one fewer putts here and there.

Why SQRDUP?  It does you no good to be able to “Read the Green” if you don’t have a “Repetitive Stroke”.

You can’t control the breaks or the speed of the green, but you can make sure you have a “Repetitive Putting Stroke”.

Remember, every putt is different, only thing you can control is your putting stroke.  Is yours repetitive?

SQRDUP is easy to use.

  • Place on tripod
  • Adjust our patent pending green laser alignment putting aid to the line you have determined
  • Putt a few balls and adjust if necessary
  • Once you have determined the line you will quickly figure out the speed
  • Now you can practice your “Repetitive Stoke”.

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